To offer the best,
we search a lot.

The research is the great differential of Forquímica®, because it allows us to offer a customized technology, adapted to the reality of each property. Therefore, we are convinced that investments in R&D are fundamental for to improve our projects and products more and more, providing ever more effective results in the field.

With this, our Technical Department works hard in the development and evolution of our

projects and products, with the aim of consolidating our research and new technologies and thus contributing to the sustainable development of its production.

After more than 35 years dedicated to research, we built a rich bank of data that brings us an extensive knowledge about the main cultures planted, both in Brazil and in the countries where we develop partnerships.
This knowledge is at your disposal

Own laboratory

Forquímica® counts on a modern Chemical Analysis laboratory that offers services of high quality and reliability. Following rigid norms of control, the laboratory is certified by bodies that are national reference in Brazil.

Applied research

Forquímica® Research and Development is carried out through scientific experiments conducted in a greenhouse (controlled environment) and in the field, in partnership with the rural producers. With this methodology Forquímica develops formulations of high agronomic potential in a controlled environment and evolves these formulations in the places where they must bring their answers, that is, in the areas of cultivation of the producers.

Friends of Research

The Friends of Research project aims to provide the integration of farmers, technicians, distributors and agronomists, seeking new lines of research for the technological development of agriculture. The group enables the exchange of experiences, sharing of solutions and discussion and related topics technology in agricultural development. The coordination is in charge of the Department of Research and Development of Projects, Products and Market of Forquímica.


Forquímica applies resources in the accomplishment of scientific works and in the relationship with public and private institutions, universities, distributors and partner farmers, in order to strengthen the research and to add knowledge. These investments, coupled with the technical knowledge of our team guarantee a fundamental support so that, together, we can safely implement projects that bring a new perspective to the management of your property.