In 1985, Forquímica was inaugurated with the main objective of bringing to the agricultural market differentiated liquid inputs and fertilizers, which stood out in the market for their quality, increased productivity and profitability to the farmer. The high economic growth rate and the favorable market conditions in the following years allowed the diversification of the activities, providing the performance in other market niches.

The Forus Group was created to unify the administration, storage and distribution of the products produced by the Group companies, which work with high quality and dedication through the following companies:

  • Estabilished in 1985, Forquímica® has more than 35 years of experience in agribusiness and a wealth of knowledge acquired through years of investment in its own research, Forquímica® develops sustainable agricultural projects with the support of a highly-qualified field team.

  • Dominus Química manufactures and markets environmental cleaning and hygiene products, cosmetics for hygiene, animal cleaning and disinfestation, fertilizers for professional and amateur gardening, among others. Estabilished in 2005, its mission is to boost the rationalization and use of inputs and increase the economy of its customers without causing environmental impact.

  • Estabilished in 2013, Domclor offers to the market high technology products and quality for treatment and maintenance of swimming pools. Aiming to offer the best cost benefit to its customers, it has a complete line for testing, correction and maintenance of water quality.

  • Estabilished in 2003, Stevia Natus is an industry that provides health, well-being and quality of life for all, through tasty and healthy products sweetened with Stevia, grown on its own farm, with an exclusive extraction system using only water rather than solvent, as practiced in the market.

  • Laborfort is a modern laboratory of chemical analysis that prizes for the provision of services of the highest quality standard. Estabilished in 2007, its analysis helps growers of diverse cultures to define strategies that aim at the considerable increase of their productivity and consequent profitability.

  • Ecoforest is a company based on a solid base, built with a lot of planning, work and environmental responsibility. Founded in 2016, it has an area of ​​780 bushels of land, planted with Eucalyptus from reforestation, and supplies prime quality raw material for various purposes.

  • Mademax is a modern company that performs eucalyptus processing, the best option in green and dry sawn timber, wood with phytosanitary treatment, wood chips and firewood. Estabilished in 2011, it has state-of-the-art machines that aid in the production process, bringing a product of excellent quality to you.

  • Forbrothers is the real estate brokerage office that manages the Forus Group real estate assets. Estabilished in 2009, it carries out activities involving the purchase and sale of its own properties, participation in investments and administration and real estate development, among others.

  • Trans Ágil is responsible for managing and executing all the logistics of Forus Group companies. Estabilished in 2016, it has a modern fleet of automobiles and trucks that take the products industrialized and marketed by the companies to the point of sale closest to you.

Forus Group is for me, for you, for us.
For all of us!